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Leaders in motion control

Transtech is a leading designer, producer and marketer of a wide range of electrical & mechanical power transmission products. Our products are frequently used in various applications like Mining, Power, Steel, Textile (Jute) and various critical applications such as motors & brakes for elevators.

Transtech also provides products for use in a wide variety of high-volume manufacturing processes, where the reliability and accuracy of our products are critical in both avoiding costly down time and enhancing the overall efficiency of manufacturing operations. Energy saving is our key motive.

Our products are marketed under a variety of well recognized and established manufacturing brand names. These leading brands are LHP Solapur, Emco Dynatorq Thane, Kavitsu Satara Shanti Gear, Coimbatore & International Brands such as Danfosss Industries, Denmark, Rossi Gears, Motovario Spa, from Italy & Elephant Brakes by DVRH, Germany & Harmonic Filters by MTE USA .

The Transtech product portfolio includes nearly all types of AC Induction Motors, Flame Proof Motors, Industrial Clutches and Brakes, Specialised Caliper Brakes, Enclosed Gear Drives, Variable Frequency Drives, Danfoss make, PLCs , Control Panels , Harmonic Filters and other related products. Our customers operate in a diverse group of industries, including Steel, Cement, Material handling, Mining, Marine, Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Textile , Food & Beverages and many more.

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Like a Hypermart to Indian Industries

We believe ....in operational excellence:

We go that extra mile to do what’s right..

Transtech has adopted operational excellence initiative to deliver world-class service . Operational excellence begins with the Voice of the Customer. By understanding what the customer truly values in the Products and services we provide, we are able to focus our efforts on the critical area which adds value to our products. As we make significant improvements in the Quality, Delivery and Cost of these processes, we satisfy our customers more thoroughly and consistently.

Operational Excellence can only be achieved and sustained with the right attitude, the right mindset, and the right competencies. We continuously strive to increase the engagement, education, and empowerment of our employees through strong values, guiding principles, leadership development, coaching, and continuous competence development. Customer Satisfaction then translates to long-term, profitable growth for the Company.